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Visit Thailand's most popular animal and theme park Safari World on a one day tour. This event packed day will start with Travel Hub picking you up at your Bangkok hotel. We will make the short drive to Safari World where we will begin the days attractions with a 45 minute drive through the open zoo and safari park here you will be able to observe and get up close to giraffes, zebras, lions, tigers to name but a few. Following the open safari your day will continue or the day you can experience all the additional shows and attractions which makes Safari World so much more than just a zoo. additional shows and attractions include, The Marine Park, The Orang Utan show, Sea lion show, Dolphin show, bird show cowboy and spy war show. Oh and you will be treated to a sumptuous buffet for your lunch. On this day at Safari world you will witness a whole myriad of animals and animals displaying their skills and entertaining you with their antics. we will finish the day by transferring you to your Bangkok hotel.

Safari World is open daily

Show times
Currently the show times are as follows:
Orang Utan show: 10.20 am
Sea Lion show: 11.00 am
Elephant show: 11.40 am
Cowboy stunt show: 11.40 am
Dolphin show: 13.45 pm
Spy War: 14.45 pm
Bird show: 15.35 pm
Tiger feeding in the Safari Park Open Zoo: 10.00 am

(Ticket Only) 
Walk in Rate THB Net Special Price THB
Adult Child Adult Child
Safari Park+Marine Park+Buffet Lunch 2,000 1,850 1,100 1,000
Marine Park+Buffet Lunch 1,800 1,550 1,000 900
Safari Park+Marine Park 1,500 1,400 950 850
Marine Park 1,300 1,100 850 800
Safari Park 1,000 900 750 700

*Child rates are applicable for 2-12 years-olds whose height must not exceed 140 cm.

**Children under 2 years of age (heights under 90 cm.) may enter the park free of charge, but they must be under their parent attention at all times.

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